Why should you Choose Comp-X Medical for Non-emergency Medical Transport?

Why should you choose Comp-X Medical for non-emergency medical transport? Good question. You should choose us as your non-emergency medical transport because we have years in the business and experience to back us up. We are, simply put: the best there is when you need a ride to your doctor’s office, your physical therapist’s office or anywhere else.

Making a reservation for a non-emergency medical transport vehicle is easy with Comp-X. We offer online registration that can be accessed anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. We also have telephone operators standing by 24/7 to answer your questions, comments and concerns. Comp-X does not put you through to an automated attendant; you time is important and with us, you don’t have to waste time pushing “1” and waiting for someone to call you back.

Comp-X hires all its own drivers and owns all its vehicles. We don’t rent out to independent contractors and we don’t send drivers to your home to pick you up in their own car. Our drivers are all screened, trained and licensed by Comp-X to be the best drivers they can be. We train them in defensive driving and first aid so that they are ready for any and all situations. Our drivers and technicians are patient, on time, and ready to help you. They will take their cues from you, offering you as much, or as little assistance as you may need. Our vehicles are maintained regularly and state inspected. They are outfitted with first aid equipment, life saving equipment, flashing lights, and two-way radio communications that link to our dispatch center, and local police departments and hospitals. If an emergency occurs while you are riding with Comp-X, we can contact the proper authorities and alert them to the situation at hand. When you ride with Comp-X you are in safe and capable hands.

Our motor pool consists of sedans, vans, wheelchair vans, motor homes, and ambulances. Each can be reserved, depending on your needs. Each has basic first aid, and one or more technicians to help you out.

Comp-X doesn’t just offer sedans and vans; we also offer airplanes for longer distance travel, and airline assistants for those patients who need a buddy to travel with them and look after them. We offer flights from vacation spots like Mexico and translators to help you should there be paperwork and legal forms you need to fill out and sign. Our pilots are trained and licensed; our planes are maintained and outfitted with the same first aid equipment that our vehicles are outfitted with. Our pilots and planes are also FAA approved and regulated.

Our translators come from a licensed translation company. Comp-X has partnered with this company to share resources and expertise. Both companies remain independent of the other so as to offer the same level of service you expect. Translators speak over 150 languages, so that no matter where you are in the world, you can be assured the proper help when you need it most.

Comp-X works and coordinates with your insurance company to make sure that you pay a fair price. We review your financials, your insurance policy and take into account the service you used before we bill you. That way, you pay for what you used, no more, no less. We are well versed in the new health care law. We make sure that when you reserve a Comp-X transport vehicle that is fits your medical needs. That way, you can be assured your insurance company helps to pay for the service.

Comp-X Medical is the best non-emergency medical transport company in the tri-state area. We have been proudly serving New Jersey and the surrounding states for years, and we hope to continue for years to come. Our experience and dedication insure that you, as the patient, are treated well and arrive to your destination safely. Our training programs, accreditation and customer service program all make Comp-X unique and your first choice when choosing a nonemergency medical transport company.

To find out more about the services that Comp-X offers, or to make a reservation, contact Comp-X. You can fill out an online form and we will contact you soon to confirm the information, or you can call our Transportation Coordinators. They will help you book the correct transport vehicle and take all the necessary information.