Why HIPAA Training is Important to Comp-X

HIPAA Training

Comp-X offers non-emergency transportation services and is therefore very concerned with upholding HIPAA. HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is vital for the protection of client confidentiality, especially when dealing with patient medical information in a healthcare setting. Due to the imperative nature of HIPAA in our line of work, we provide HIPAA compliancy reviews of partnering provider organization policies. More importantly, we provide training for client employees so that they will act in accordance with HIPAA. Training is offered to employees at the start of each contract period, and annual training is administered on a regular basis thereafter when requested by the client. To learn more about why we go to such great lengths to offer provider employees medical transportation training centered around HIPAA, read the information below:


HIPAA was passed by Congress in 1996 as an effort to protect patient confidentiality by enforcing a series of regulations. HIPAA requires companies to follow these guidelines:

• Protect patient confidentiality — Any medical information collected about the client must be considered highly sensitive and totally confidential.

• Protected health information — Patient health information must not be disclosed without legitimate permission. The patient must approve any release of his or her personal information for purposes aside from billing, filing insurance claims, mailing invoices, etc.

• Patients’ rights — Patients must always be allowed to view and alter their own protected health information.

• Full disclosure — Any unintentional disclosures of a patient’s protected health information must be reported.

• Accountability — Accountability concerning a patient’s protected health information is imperative.


Why HIPAA Is Important

The regulations outlined in HIPAA affect how we manage and conduct our specialized transportation services. Obviously, it plays a large role in how we operate – making it an essential aspect of what we do.


Our Role

In order to meet the detailed requirements listed above, Comp-X and partnering clients must enter an agreement called the “Business Associate Agreement.” This agreement is meant to outline the responsibilities of both organizations in an effort to carefully follow HIPAA. Responsibilities within HIPAA fall into the categories as listed here:

• Client Responsibilities — Clients have the responsibility to manage their own patients’ medical records. Since Comp-X clients are designated as healthcare organizations, they are absolutely responsible for the managing of patient records and the continual protection of sensitive information.

• Shared Responsibilities — We share a responsibility with our clients to provide secure transfer of sensitive patient information. When a client sends Comp-X a report about patient care (via either paper or digital formatting), the information sent can only be utilized for the purpose of billing. Both organizations must work together to make sure that when important patient information is transferred, it arrives safely.

• Our Responsibilities — We are responsible for any protected health information disclosed by patients for non emergency transportation and other transportation forms. We are careful to ensure that our firm manages personal health information with integrity and safety, especially during the billing process.


To learn more about the HIPAA medical transportation training we provide for our employees, feel free to contact us at 1-732-972-2861. We deal with HIPAA on a daily basis and are well-informed concerning HIPAA regulations; we would be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the topic.