Why Air Ambulance Services are Essential for any Medical Facility.

My aunt was pregnant with her third child during her 37th week of pregnancy, she was hospitalized and gave birth prematurely. After giving birth my aunt was soon informed that the hospital did not have the equipment necessary to care for premature births. The closest well-equipped hospital was too far away and since it was a matter of life and death, road transportation was ruled out. My mother immediately called an air ambulance company called Comp-X Medical Management Services, that specialized in the air transfer of premature children.

Comp-X Medical Management Services immediately airlifted my aunt with an air ambulance and newly born cousin to a medical facility within minutes, where the preemie was well looked after for the next few months.

This type of air transportation requires proper licensing, incubators and a highly trained medical crew. The crew has to have vast experience with the specific type of care being given, while staying aware of how changes in altitude can affect the babies breathing.

Below are various questions that I had researched before using an air ambulance service company?


Does the company have a license to operate an air ambulance?

Flying neonates requires special licensing, which is essential to ensuring that they have both the equipment and the personnel to keep the child safe. On top of the caregivers being experienced, the company also needs the right equipment, and licensing ensures that they do.


What kind of equipment is the air ambulance service company offering?

Premature babies as we all know must be transported in incubators. One of the most sought after incubators is the Isolette T1500, which has advanced features like a built-in ventilator. This incubator can be transported anywhere while providing the warmth and medical care that the neonatal child needs. Your air ambulance services need to have the same access to high quality equipment.


What type of aircraft is the air ambulance service using?

Jets are considered by many as the best choice, particularly when handling neonatal cases. They are fast and can fly up to speeds of 500MPH, getting the preemie to their destination faster than a helicopter or ambulance. They also offer plenty of room for family members who are escorting the child.


When can one get air ambulance services?

Aside from emergency situations like the one described above, Comp-X Medical Management Services, air ambulance services, assist in the evacuation of the injured from remote areas to medical facilities and the movement of critically ill patients between medical institutions. Contacting them is the most important thing that you can do when faced with this type of situation.

It is highly recommended that you keep air ambulance service information where it can be easily be accessed in case of an emergency situation. Safety is always of primary importance and the best air ambulance services will be able to get you from Point A to Point B safely.