Motor Coaches: The More Attractive Travel Option

Having an illness or injury can make life much more difficult. Even simple things like traveling can be a problem as there are so many things to worry about. This is especially true of long distance traveling. Traveling can put you at greater risk of... Read More

Holidays for the Elderly – Translation services

These days there are more senior citizens than ever. With a growing number of people reaching old age and living longer lives, planning a holiday abroad is always a stressful ordeal. Thankfully, a new generation of specialized medical and travel care... Read More

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Can Save You Money

It is common to think about medical transportation in black or white terms. This means that people will often call an ambulance for an emergency and use their own transport or public transport for a non-emergency. There is a lot of middle ground particularly... Read More

The Medical Air Escort Service from Med-X Medical

A medical air escort is a non-emergency medical service that sees the patient being escorted on a first class commercial flight, including ground travel, to make sure they reach their destination safely and without complication. A medically trained escort... Read More