Private Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulance services have undergone huge transformations over the years. Several decades ago, they were relatively rare and reserved only for the most serious of cases. While air services are still usually used in more severe situations today, their... Read More

How a Medical Air Escort Will Facilitate Your Travels

Anybody who has experienced a serious, but non-life threatening, illness or injury knows how difficult it can be to travel under those circumstances. Performing even the simplest of tasks can often be made difficult, which makes air travel a real headache.... Read More

Medical Translation Services

For a growing number of patients, not having English as your first language can cause a huge amount of problems when seeking and receiving medical treatment. Elderly patients, who can become easily distressed when put in new and stressful situations,... Read More

Growing Reasons for Non-emergency Medical Transportation

On many different occasions you may find a need for non-emergency medical transportation. Often this can prove to be a nuisance for a number of different reasons: whether you no longer find yourself in a fit state to drive yourself, if you require regular... Read More