Three Interesting Reasons To Use Medical Air Escorts

Medical air escorts are a popular service within the medical world. People often think of medical transports as simply being the helicopters that land in parks and on the top of tall buildings to save the day. There are also non-emergency medical transportation... Read More

Air Ambulance Services – Types And Uses

Depending on patient needs, there are actually three different types of air ambulance services commonly offered. These are: Air Ambulance Services, Dedicated Air Ambulance Services, and Medical Air Escort Services. This article explains the difference... Read More

What You Need To Know About Medical Air Escorts

When a health emergency strikes one of our loved ones, all means must be put into consideration in order to prevent further problems. For urgent cases like this, Medical Air Escorts (MAE) can provide the all-critical fast transportation to the appropriate... Read More

Top Reasons To Use Med-X-Medical’s Translation Services

There are certain things you cannot afford to take risks on- your health and your wealth. While a financial risk can result in greater wealth, or poverty if things go the wrong way, the worst-case scenario for taking a medical risk is death. Medical Management... Read More

How To Take Advantage of Medical Motor Coaches

Non-emergency medical transportation provides a key service in helping patients with health concerns move around the country safely. In cases where the patient might need to embark on a long distance trip without flying, motor coaches can be the all in... Read More

Translation Services – How it can help your Patients

It is a simple fact that all patients have different needs – both medical and otherwise. In the case of translation services, they can be a huge benefit with regards to a patient’s well being as well as patient’s treatment. The growing amount of... Read More