Non-Emergent Ambulance Services Options

Non-emergent ambulance services are very popular amongst elderly care and assisted living homes, especially when patrons need transported to a different facility or to and from the hospital. Many of these communities often employ their own services and... Read More

Medical Transportation Services for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients and families of cancer patients often face hardships that nobody should have to go through in their lifetime. When it is a child with cancer the toll can be even greater. Most insurance companies only cover a fraction of what it costs... Read More

Non Emergency Transportation Services Basics

Patients that require long-term treatment on a weekly basis may sometimes not qualify for financial assistance by the state or Medicaid due to strict requirements pertaining to need as determined by the type of illness. Dialysis patients may not qualify... Read More

Reliance on Non-Emergent Ambulance Services

While more and more people are relying heavily on non-emergent ambulance services, more and more privately owned ambulance companies are showing up on the scene. Many of these companies specialize in providing ambulances and medically equipped vehicles... Read More

The Paradigm Summit Was a Great Success!

Highlights of the 5K Run/Walk to Benefit Kids Chance In a joint effort, Paradigm and Comp-X raised almost $5700.00 for Kid’s Chance. We had 25 runners/walkers. Both Comp-X and Paradigm will be donating $100.00 for each participant in the event.... Read More