United States Ambulance Services: A Brief History

Transport of the sick and injured has taken place in many differing ways throughout history. The first cases of medical transportation are said to date back to 1200 BC, when wounded Egyptian soldiers were removed from the battlefield and placed into private... Read More

The Use of Lights and Sirens by Ambulance Services

In recent times ambulance services have been under increasing scrutiny regarding safety. This is due to the emergence of horrifying statistics revealing an increase in the number of accidents involving emergency vehicles. In the period 1989 to 1990 over... Read More

Ensuring Safety with Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulances, both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft have become a key component of healthcare in many countries and are consequently being increasingly utilized by hospitals and private citizens alike. There is however a distinct lack of structure... Read More

Misuse of Emergency Ambulance Services

The general duty of an ambulance is to respond to the scene of an emergency, usually an injury or illness, and to transport the patient, or patients to the appropriate emergency department. Various studies have found however, that these emergency medical... Read More

A Brief Overview of Emergency Air Ambulance Services

An air ambulance is generally characterized as a specialized helicopter or fixed wing aircraft, which is used in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Air ambulance services are generally favored in emergency situations to implement the quick evacuation... Read More