Ground Ambulance Services

With ground ambulance services a patient’s transportation will be arranged in advance by a licensed ambulance company. If the patient already has an ambulance company they prefer to use for their trip to the medical facility they you make mention... Read More

United States Non Emergency Transportation Services

In North America, non emergency transportation services are going to be different from state to state. These types of services will also vary from county to county within each state. Size plays a part on how many of these services can be performed in... Read More

Private Air Ambulance Services

Usually private air ambulance services can use a variety of aircrafts, for example, the most common being helicopter or even smaller jets. This is dependent upon the patient’s medical condition or how long it would take to get a patient to the nearest... Read More

Pediatric Ambulance Services

In many cases, when pediatric ambulance services are required they are usually performed quickly with the expertise of the medical staff rendering specialized care while in-route to the medical facility. This is where a highly unique pediatric transport... Read More

Non-Emergent Ambulance Services

More and more people are using non-emergent ambulance services, especially if this particular service is not too expensive and offers enough specialized treatment for a patient and they won’t feel like they are being ripped off. A customer using this... Read More