US Non Emergency Transportation Services

When people think of ambulances what usually comes to mind is someone suffering from a severe medical emergency being rushed to a hospital. But medical transport isn’t just limited to those experiencing an emergency. There is also non emergency... Read More

Why Non-Emergency Ambulance Services Can Benefit You

The use of non-emergency ambulance services is an option that may be needed to transport patients to a different facility. This option is used when other transportation options may put the health of a patient in danger. Non-emergency ambulance services... Read More

Who Uses Non-Emergency Ambulance Services?

The majority of us think that ambulances are only used in situations in which a patient’s life is on the line. This of course is one of the times that an ambulance would definitely be used, but there are other situations in which a patient just needs... Read More

What Non Emergency Transportation Services Should I Use?

Non emergency transportation services are primarily geared towards providing transportation services for people looking to be moved from a particular location to a hospital or a clinic for regular treatment and medical assessment. Unlike emergency services,... Read More

Air Ambulance Services – Quick and Effective

If something happens to someone you love and they become very ill or critically injured, using air ambulance services can be extremely important. In many instances, you or someone in your family may be away from home when something happens and air ambulance... Read More