Air Ambulance Services Are Necessary in Dire Situations

If ever you’ve heard that seconds count when someone’s life is at stake, you understand the comment that air ambulance services are necessary in dire situations. Granted too, there are times when only an air ambulance can reach the victims of accidents. Especially... Read More

Aeromedical Transportation vs. Ground Transportation

When it comes to emergency rescue via ambulances there are two main methods of transport – air and ground. Ground ambulances are by far the more widely used, simply because they are incredibly practical when it comes down to it. In any city it is common... Read More

Aeromedical Transportation between Countries

It is of course very common today for someone to require aeromedical transportation between countries. For example many patients are airlifted frequently from even nearby Mexico and Cuba to bring the patient back to the United States. Moving a patient... Read More

When You Need Non-Emergency Ambulance Services

Accidents happen around us all the time without even realizing it. As much as we would all like to avoid it, it is not something we can stop from happening when it happens. It’s a good thing that there are ambulances that are ready to make their... Read More

Air Ambulance Services Provide Detailed Arrangements

Whenever an emergency medical situation calls for rapid or long distance transport of a patient, an air ambulance is the solution. air ambulance services cover many extreme situations, handling medically fragile patients, or even transporting living organs... Read More