Options for Air Ambulance Services

When one thinks of an air ambulance service what primarily comes to mind is having someone air lifted via helicopter off the side of a mountain. That visualization may be true, but actually options for air ambulance services go much deeper than that. The... Read More

Non Emergent Medical Air Escort for Travel

There are of course non-emergency medical air escorts available for travel. For instance, arranging with a non-emergent medical air escort when taking an international flight means that they can actually organize it with the airline so that they will... Read More

Non Emergent Air Transport

Whenever air ambulances are mentioned, people tend to assume that they are used exclusively in a situation of life or death. This is a fair enough assumption, after all it is implied that an air ambulance is going to be far faster than one that goes on... Read More

Is Aeromedical Transportation Safe?

Often the question is answered with another question, namely what are the alternatives? Any transportation of an injured or ill patient is bound to create problems, whether accomplished on land or in the air, but as far as aeromedical transportation,... Read More

How Non Emergent Medical Air Escort Ensures Safety

The very first thing that happens when you contact a non emergent medical air escort is that they will ascertain beyond all doubt that the person is absolutely in truly stable medical condition. That means that their current physician is contacted and... Read More

How Can Air Ambulance Services Help My Loved One?

Of course, no matter the exacting circumstances you find yourself in with your loved one needing emergency air ambulance services what counts is that you get it rapidly so that your loved one can receive the care they need. It does not matter if you are... Read More

Emergent vs Non Emergent Air Transport

While most people will have heard of air ambulances at some point, it is not always clear what the main different types are. People tend to assume that all air ambulances are helicopters that are designed specifically to rescue those in immediate danger. This... Read More

Helicopters as Aeromedical Transportation

When it comes to getting to people quickly, the terrain always has to be considered. In something as simple as getting to another country for a holiday this is always done – for example if you are going to a different state then you may attempt it by... Read More

Benefits of Non Emergent Air Transport

Non emergent medical air transport can be used in a huge variety of different ways, all to help anyone who is in danger. The benefit to this is knowing that, no matter where you are, help will always be at hand even if it is not a huge emergency. Consider... Read More