International Air Ambulances and Their Uses

Individual medical needs can exceed the services available in any one location. Patients in critical conditions requiring specific medical care offered by a distant health facility have the option to employ the services of an air ambulance. This type... Read More

International Air Ambulance Facts and Considerations

There are a number of factors a person must take into account before considering an international air ambulance. When determining whether or not to use an international air ambulance, it is best to consider what is most beneficial for the patient. In... Read More

International Air Ambulance

When time, injury, or illness is critical, international air ambulances are often the answer. Available in most parts of the world, these services operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and year round. They are usually called in when someone... Read More

Important Facts about Non-Emergent Medical Air Transport

There are many companies that offer non-emergent medical air transport. These companies are able to transfer people who are in need of medical attention in an airplane ambulance. Unlike a regular airline service, air ambulances provide a specialized type... Read More

Ask Your Case Manager about Medical Air Escort

Medical air escort is in demand more than ever it seems where traumas and special treatments are concerned. Sometimes, the need for air transport for medically related means is only inevitable. In fact, due to this form of transportation’s mounting... Read More

An Air Ambulance Option Can be Life Saving

Air ambulance services began in the 1870s during the Franco-Prussian war when more than 160 soldiers were taken from the battlefield to hospitals. During this period, the air lifts took place by hot-air balloons, a rather slow air travel option, but still... Read More

Air Ambulatory Services for Your Hospital

When it comes to modern trauma patients, time isn’t money, it is life itself. Cutting down arrival times from hours to minutes can save lives, improve the likelihood of recovery, and prevent surgical complications. These is why ambulances travel... Read More

What to Expect From Non Emergent Medical Air Transport

For years now, medical transportation has been expanding rapidly to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. Now even the most remote places have access to 24-hour, round-the-clock emergency and non emergent medical air transport, as well as traditional... Read More

When Should You Use Aeromedical Transportation?

Aeromedical transportation provides lifesaving ambulatory services. If there were ever to come a time when you or a loved one needed immediate or specialized medical care that required distance transport, an air ambulance is the safest and most convenient... Read More

Air Ambulatory Services

What are Air Ambulances? Air ambulatory services are airplanes specifically designed for ambulatory use and committed towards transporting patients who are in desperate need for medical attention and healthcare assistance. When a patient requires urgent... Read More