Basic Life Support Services in Non-Emergency Ambulances

Non-Emergency Ambulances that Offer Patients Basic Life Support When a loved one has an illness or cancer, sometimes transporting them to the doctor or a hospital can be a challenge. They have a hard time walking down the stairs and sometimes they need... Read More

Medical Transportation Services for You Abroad

Comp-X offers Medical Transportation Services for You on Vacation With a beautiful vacation booked in Mexico, nobody wants to have any accidents happen. However, some things in life are not in anyone’s control. Slipping while walking around the pool... Read More

Nonemergency Transportation to Keep Your Life on Track

Nonemergency Transportation For When You Can’t Get Around By Yourself There are only a few guarantees in life, and one of them is that as we get older we tend to need a little more help getting around from place to place. Life throws us curve balls:... Read More

Non-Emergency Transportation to the Doctor’s Office

Need a Ride to the Doctor? Med-X Offers Non-Emergency Transportation for You Driving is the activity that defines adults as independent. To be able to go wherever you want, whenever you want is a powerful feeling, and something that we wait a long time... Read More

Air Ambulance Service When You Need It Most

If You Get Injured on Vacation, an Air Ambulance Service is There Consider the following scenario: you are on vacation – out of state (or maybe out of the country), for argument’s sake. You are on vacation and something happens. Maybe you get the... Read More