Employment Opportunity: Intake Specialist

Intake Specialist: Comp-X Medical Management Morganville, NJ Job Description *** FULL TIME REMOTE POSITION *** Job Purpose An Intake Specialist is an entry-level position at Comp-X Medical Management with the responsibility of handling call volume and... Read More

For work comp, Lyft and Uber aren’t the answer

Transporting work comp patients to and from medical visits, PT, IMEs, hearings and the like is a big business – big for worker’s comp that is. At first blush, it looks like a perfect opportunity for Lyft and Uber (L/U)- they’ve got a gazillion drivers... Read More

Our Thoughts On Ride Share Apps For Claimant Transport

There has been talk lately about the utilization of ride share apps such as Lyft and Uber. It is the opinion of Comp-X as well as colleagues in risk management and the legal community that these programs should be avoided at all costs. Although these... Read More

Comp-X Helped Me When I Was Injured On the Job

Comp-X helped me when I was injured on the job and couldn’t work. But I still needed to get around so that I could get my treatment and physical therapy at the hospital. It was tough because I couldn’t drive, and I didn’t want to make things worse... Read More

Why HIPAA Training is Important to Comp-X

HIPAA Training Comp-X offers non-emergency transportation services and is therefore very concerned with upholding HIPAA. HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is vital for the protection of client confidentiality, especially... Read More

Transportation Provider Screening

Transportation Provider Screening: Simply the Best Many of those who seek non-emergency medical transportation are primarily concerned with receiving quality local service providers. At Comp-X, we understand that quality is important to you, and we make... Read More

In Need of Medical Claims Management Services?

Dealing with hospitals following a medical procedure can be complicated, and incorrect information can lead to incorrect coverage or false insurance claims. Comp-X can simplify that task through medical claims management services. Medical claims management... Read More

How Does Fee Negotiation Work for Insurance Companies?

Fee Negotiation: How Insurance Companies Benefit Many insurance companies are unaware of how greatly they may benefit from appropriate fee negotiation. Fee negotiation may be the answer to a host of unnecessary problems that often come up in the insurance... Read More