Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Comp-X?

Comp-X is a privately-owned company. Our owners are Christine Suarez-Loures and Leonard August. Christine and Lenny have been working together since 1984. For more information about our leadership, please Click Here

How is Comp-X different than other ancillary providers?

There are many differences between Comp-X and other companies in the industry. Some of our differences are:

  • Hands on ownership – the company owners are here every day and are actively managing the company. We are not owned by a large corporation. Have a problem? You can talk directly to the owners.
  • We are a family company – Many of our key people have been with Comp-X since the beginning in 2005. Some of our key managers have been working with us before Comp-X was even formed.
  • We believe in customer service – You will never have to press “1” to speak with us. We will never outsource our call center and we will always provide the best customer experience.
  • We never utilize independent contractors – All of our providers are fully vetted and insured. Comp-X only works with bona fide companies.   Every provider of service in our extensive network is subject to a full credentialing process.

Do you service my area?

YES! Comp-X Medical Management is a nationwide provider of ancillary services. Some of our services are available internationally such as Air Ambulance and Foreign Worker Repatriation.

How much do your services cost?

Comp-X prides itself on being very competitive in the industry. We do caution clients to make sure they compare apples to apples. Many of our competitors may appear to be less expensive than Comp-X until you add in all of their hidden fees and minimum charges.   Comp-X believes in honest and upfront billing on CMS claim forms for all medical services. Our claims are auditable and conform to all nationally recognized billing standards.

Comp-X has many agreements with different insurers and PPO networks. Participation in these networks assures our clients that they are getting the best rates possible. Submitting medical claims on CMS 1500 claim forms allows adjusters to send our claims for repricing.

What are your hours of operation?

Comp-X offers live customer support 24/7/365. Any time, day or night, you can speak with a Comp-X professional.

I have an odd request…

We love challenges! At Comp-X we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers. In fact, two of our most recently added services (Concierge & Repatriation) were suggestions from our clients! Feel free to ask us a question no matter how odd it may seem. If we can help, we will.

How do I make a referral to Comp-X?

Is Comp-X on social media?

Yes we are! For the latest information on Comp-X and which conferences we will be attending, please follow us: or twitter


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