What You Need To Know About Medical Air Escorts

When a health emergency strikes one of our loved ones, all means must be put into consideration in order to prevent further problems. For urgent cases like this, Medical Air Escorts (MAE) can provide the all-critical fast transportation to the appropriate health center.

Families with relatives that are having illness related problems should be aware of the benefits of this type of service in the US and abroad. Nobody likes to imagine or think about emergency situations involving their loved ones, but nevertheless we should be prepared. When a health crisis hits, having a reliable Medical Air Escort on your speed dial could make the difference that gets it solved.

What are Medical Air Escorts?

Medical Air Escorts are medical units prepared to provide care of the highest quality in the toughest and most desperate health crisis situations. Aircrafts are specifically conditioned to host patients in true life or death situations, with the same medical equipment as regular ambulances.

The aircraft crew is often two qualified health professionals, like critical care nurses, paramedics and doctors. These highly trained professionals are on call every day of the year, to provide this critical and challenging service to their patients.

When are Medical Air Escorts necessary?

For patients who can’t fully afford this costly service, there are many instances on which medical insurance companies can cover the expenses. Depending on your insurance, Medical Air Transportation will be available in different scenarios, which you should check with your provider.

Some companies, for example, specify that the transportation be made to the nearest appropriate health center (depending on when and where you’re picked up). Others specifically state that this kind of emergency air ambulance would only be justifiable in situations where life is unmistakably at risk.

Make sure you fully understand how your insurance will respond in case you ask for Medical Air Escorts. This kind of service can be very expensive for obvious reasons.

Where can you get Medical Air Transportation?

Within the US, Medical Air Escort services are available to pick the patients up from almost anywhere. All you have to do is call the company and they will let you know what airport will be used and give you the instructions to make it there safely and without risk.

If you are traveling abroad, you should be sure to check with your Travel Insurance whether or not this kind of service is available from the place you’re visiting. If emergency occurs while traveling, getting a good MAE service should be a priority.

Final considerations

When dealing with high stress, time sensitive situations like these, preparation often makes all the difference in dealing with it successfully. If there are any members of your family who are having risky health problems, you should make sure to gather all the information you can about what Medical Air Escorts you have available and exactly how you should proceed when the emergency occurs. This should be done as soon as possible, and it’s especially critical to do before traveling abroad. If you’ve done your homework, you’ll be certain of what the next steps are and you won’t waste any precious time doing desperate phone calls to the operator or other family members.

As was stated at the beginning of this article, all means must be available in case of health emergencies. You shouldn’t hesitate to talk to your insurance company right now to make sure you are fully aware of the possibilities that you have for dealing with extreme scenarios.