What Can Comp-X Medical Translation Services Do for You?

Medical Translation Services – Don’t Get Lost in Translation

At Comp-X we provide more than just transportation when an injury occurs away from home. We also provide peace of mind.

For instance, when it comes to injuries abroad, we will also help insurance companies communicate with foreign hospitals to ensure that no details are left out of the equation, no matter how small. When accuracy is of the utmost importance, leave the translating to us.

If you or an employee is hospitalized while outside of the country, we understand how difficult it can be to obtain accurate records. But without accurate records, mistakes can unfortunately be made, including improper coverage of medical costs. We’re here to make sure that does not happen.

With a presence in many countries around the globe, we can offer you medical translation services almost anywhere you travel. Cultural differences can be tough to overcome when you’re left without help. But we have the experience necessary for getting you exactly what you want in a timely fashion no matter the distance between insurance companies and foreign hospitals.

To better deal with global issues, you need to use a global leader in medical transportation and medical translation services, and thanks to our translators, we have you covered in over 150 different languages.

Our medical translation services are an integral part of the business we conduct, but it’s only one piece of the services we provide our customers. We still take pride in our non-emergency medical transportation services as well as our medical claims management services. In order to ensure that we provide our customers with the best in all of our services, Comp-X has partnered with a leading nationwide provider of language services. Their staff works closely with us to give you the best care and treatment you deserve.

Dealing with a foreign hospital can be tricky and creates unnecessary problems for insurance companies and case managers. Not only is there a language barrier in many cases but there are also differences in procedure. Our translators are nuanced in every aspect of language and dialect so that no important information slips through the cracks.

For insurance companies, every piece of information is vital. Nothing is more important than accuracy, and we understand that. We’re here to make the lives of you and your insurers as simple as possible.

For case managers, our medical translation services can be especially helpful. Dealing with a foreign hospital can be incredibly frustrating for case managers. If you are a case manager and need to make sure that health care services provided by foreign hospitals are medically necessary, Comp-X can help you break the language barrier. Don’t get stuck covering unnecessary medical costs because something was lost in translation. Get the facts with Comp-X.

We’re with you no matter where you are. Break the language barrier with Comp-X medical translation services and cut through all the unnecessary red tape that foreign medical care creates for insurance providers. No matter the challenge, we look forward to helping you get the service you deserve anywhere in the world.