Transportation Provider Screening

Transportation Provider Screening: Simply the Best

Many of those who seek non-emergency medical transportation are primarily concerned with receiving quality local service providers. At Comp-X, we understand that quality is important to you, and we make every effort to provide you with the best transportation experience possible. One of the primary ways we ensure that you receive quality care for your transportation needs is a rigorous screening process. We administer screening to any transportation provider interested in working with us to make sure that only the best care is given to our clients. Read the information below to learn how our screening process works and why you can trust our services:


High Standards

The Comp-X administration spent a great deal of time carefully constructing a set of standards to be used as a guideline when partnering with service providers. Since our success hinges on whether or not our partnering local providers exhibit excellence, we are dedicated to investigating provider credentials before partnering. Any providers who wish to join our team must go through a meticulous provider request application process that includes a detailed application. Upon being sent to Comp-X, the provider application is then thoroughly examined following the screening application.


Highly Informed

One of the ways we ensure quality care providers is the careful examination of their information. The potential provider request application mentioned above was crafted with the intention of extracting useful information about the provider. The information we gather from this process includes general company information, detailed staffing information, information concerning drug testing and other forms of essential screening, certification information, and information about the company’s past history. If any of the information given is sub-par or does not level with our standards, we will not work with that provider.


Extensive Measures

We go to great lengths to keep tabs on our providers with the intention of ensuring that the care people receive is of the highest quality. Because of this concept, Comp-X administers a series of surveys on a periodic basis to all current network providers. The result? We are able to observe providers year-round and make sure they are providing quality service to our clients.


Get Involved

You are an important part of our screening process because your opinion matters most. Do not hesitate to leave feedback about our programs. We value your opinion as a vital asset to our system. Get involved with our screening system by filling out our surveys. We take your input seriously and are willing to make whatever changes are necessary in order to provide quality care.


Hopefully, the information given about our rigorous screening program will help you feel more comfortable with Comp-X services for non-emergency medical transportation systems. To learn more about our services, feel free to contact us at any time. We would be happy to answer any further questions you have about our screening process.