Translators are Provided with the International Air Ambulance Service

Translators will Help the Language Barrier on the International Air Ambulance Service

You are on vacation in Mexico and you speak a little Spanish. Not a lot, just enough to get by and survive the week. Then something happens – an illness or an injury – and suddenly your Spanish skills are being put to the test. Maybe the hospital provides you with a translator, or maybe the doctors and nurses speak English. It doesn’t really matter; something is wrong, you’re scared and some things just get lost in translation.

You contact Med X for an international air ambulance back to the States. You’re stable now and you want to come home. You can’t fly commercial because of the germs, the cost, and the medications that you have to be on in order to stay healthy.

So you order an air ambulance. It’s better than staying in a foreign country, miles away from your family and your doctors. Med X international air ambulances are safe and reliable. Our planes are FAA approved and the crew is certified, licensed, and prepared to handle whatever care you may require.

If you happen to be in this kind of situation, make sure to ask for a translator when you speak with one of our Transportation Coordinators.

The language barrier is not something we often think about in America, but it is a problem. Too many people don’t speak a second language well enough to survive in an emergency situation. It’s risky to rely on the other party to speak enough English to make it through whatever may be happening to you. What if you don’t happen to speak the language at all? Many people travel to places in other countries where English is the language spoken – like a resort in Mexico, for example. The employees may live in Mexico and speak Spanish, but when they work at the resort, they speak only English. It’s like you’ve never left America; until suddenly, you aren’t in Kansas anymore, and reality sinks in.

So we provide translators for just such an occasion. If you are in another country when we pick you up, and you don’t speak the language (or you don’t speak it fluently), we can send a translator out with the international air ambulance team. The translator will be able to break the language barrier for you and help put your mind at ease. If there are any forms that you may have to fill out, our translator will be able to read them to you, explain them, and then tell you where to sign.

We have translators who can speak and translate up to 150 languages and dialects from around the world. They are here to help and make you feel comfortable. They are trained in the different uses of vocabulary and can help you with any legal form and other legal protocols you may encounter.

When you place your request for an air ambulance, make sure to tell the Transportation Coordinator that you need a translator as well. Our Coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can answer any questions you or your insurance company may have. You can also request an international air ambulance and translator via our online form. A coordinator will contact you and confirm the appointment, should you place it online.

We provide competitive pricing and we try to work with your insurance company to make sure that you receive the best price possible. When tallying your final bill, we take into account the services we provided you. We try to make sure that our pricing is fair.

Please be advised that this service is not an emergency service. If you need an emergency medical air ambulance, talk to the hospital you are at for more information.