Three Interesting Reasons To Use Medical Air Escorts

Medical air escorts are a popular service within the medical world. People often think of medical transports as simply being the helicopters that land in parks and on the top of tall buildings to save the day. There are also non-emergency medical transportation options, services that cater for those who are not in immediate danger.

Medical air escorts do what the title much suggests: they are medical staff who escort you during air travel. The service covers all the booking needs, checks that are needed prior to your departure, and providing quality care throughout the trip. This is a service that many require while in poor health, and it is something that should not be overlooked.

But just because you are having health problems, does not mean that everything has to revolve around that. Enjoying travel as much as possible, even when done for health reasons, can be a great thing to help you relax and enjoy your trip as much as possible.

Taste a Florida orange while traveling

Often using a medical air escort will be based around a trip to a hospital that is far away. Maybe there is a hospital that provides specialist treatment, but you don’t need to get shipped over by a dedicated air ambulance, as your situation just isn’t that urgent.

If your care takes you to Florida, perhaps you can get some benefit out of the trip (outside of your medical care) and get a real Florida orange to enjoy while you’re there. Even though you are in Florida for the medical care, enjoying a taste of the fruit that Florida is known for can be a great way to ease stress and put your medical care in the back of your mind, if only for a few minutes.

Turn a medical trip into an opportunity for family fun

If you are in poor health, family time is likely important to you. When traveling for medical reasons, why not ask your family members to come along? They won’t get the special care that you will receive, but having family along on a trip can give them a much-needed vacation and help you enjoy their company while you are traveling to have a medical procedure done.

Use it as a reason to spring for first class

Now it is likely if you are considering using a medical air escort, there is a good chance that you are doing so because you have to visit a doctor or hospital in another area of the country. What you may not have thought about is the fact that, when you go, you go first class. Medical air escorts will generally book you into first class, and it is also often covered by insurance. While first class may be an extravagant luxury that you have never had the opportunity to take advantage of, flying with a medical air escort will give you the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

At the end of the day, all medical travel, whether in the air or on the ground, is extremely important. Having the right level of care is essential to maintaining or improving your health. Air travel can be stressful even if you aren’t suffering from a painful sickness or life-threatening ailment, so doing whatever possible to ease that stress can make your medical travel much more enjoyable.