Things To Ask For When Hiring A Medical Air Escort

Traveling even to the hospital can be really stressful for a person suffering from some life-threatening illness or injury. In a situation where you need help to safely transport someone to a far away hospital, you can turn to medical air escort services for help.

These escort services are a much less expensive solution to patients than renting a private air ambulance. Moreover, simple tasks like making flight and transportation bookings and dealing with doctors’ appointments, hospitals and insurance companies’ formalities can be rather difficult while tending to an injured or sick loved one.

They take care of stressful arrangements

Medical air escorts can help you here as they help take charge of many of the things in your stressful travel situation. With their assistance, you will be able to give 100% focus and concentration to your loved one.

They are extensively trained in handling all airport and transportation arrangements and if required, can also overcome language barriers if your patient needs attention in a foreign country. These escorts see to it that your patient is safely carried and transferred to the next destination.

The escorts are not only efficient at handling travel arrangements, but also undergo a stringent screening process to get approval to work as a medical escort. They also need to have and maintain a current state license, have at least 5 years of experience in ICU or CCU training and should have undergone training in Flight Physiology.

They can administer emergency medical help

Medical air escorts are also qualified to administer any medical services or medicine in emergency situations, in case something happens to your patient while traveling to the final destination.

So you need not worry about the safety of your loved one once you entrust them into the medical air escorts’ hands. They will travel with your patient in a commercial plane in first class, and take care to ensure your patient or loved one safely reaches their destination without any hassles, discomfort or inconveniences.

However all medical escort service providers are not the same, nor do they provide the same level of quality or service. You have to keep a few points in mind while choosing the right medical escort services for you or a friend or family member.

Make sure the firm is properly registered and licensed. Look for firms that have most experience in safely carrying their patients to hospitals and who are well equipped with a well-trained, skilled and qualified staff.

Make sure you make direct appointments with the broker or air ambulance service, as there is no reason that something important should get lost in the shuffle. When you book a medical air escort, you are getting a capable, trained professional escorting you, your family member, or your friend to a place where they are going to get the right care for their needs. You want to make sure that they get there in one piece, so your choice of medical air escort services does matter.