Reduce your Costs with Transportation Utilization Management

Transportation Utilization Management is offered to Commercial Health Insurers, HMO’s, Labor Unions and other Managed Care Organizations. According to a report issued by the Office of the Inspector General, 30% of non-emergency Medicare transportations are unnecessary. Comp-X offers Transportation Utilization Management to clients, in order to help reduce costs and more efficiently optimize medical transportation options.

Comp-X will establish a call center for incoming transportation requests. To ensure that the appropriate level of transportation is being utilized, Comp-X will prescreen calls under the supervision of our Medical Director using established Medicare criteria. This level of prioritizing allows Comp-X to choose, exactly, the most accurate level of transportation, which in turn saves you money.  With other companies you cannot be positive that you will receive the most prioritized level of transportation.

Being cost effective is what makes Comp-X different from other non-emergency medical transportation providers. Considering the current stat of nearly one-third of all medical transportation being deemed unnecessary, you could be wasting a significant amount of money. This level of inefficiency is unacceptable. With Comp-X’s proprietary Transportation Utilization Management system, your or insured customers receive the correct level of transportation that will safely get them from point A to point B, in the least expensive method possible that still satisfies all of their medical requirements.

Our objective is to save you money. We do this by gathering all pertinent information , from the patient’s condition to prognosis to treatment plans, and use that information to determine what level of transportation will satisfy their needs safely and most efficiently.

Comp-X’s dedication to providing the correct level of transportation helps us to reduce costs in ways that other providers cannot. Comp-X uses its call center in conjunction with its Medical Director to avoid providing its patients with excessive levels of transportation.

Our excellent customer service and Transportation Utilization Management ensures that your clients receive the best transportation possible, while keeping your costs lower. This enables our customers to minimize expenditures, while still providing necessary services to their insurees.