Non Emergent Medical Air Escort for Travel

There are of course non-emergency medical air escorts available for travel. For instance, arranging with a non-emergent medical air escort when taking an international flight means that they can actually organize it with the airline so that they will do away with a number of passenger seats which are located in the rear of the aircraft. In their place, the patient along with the stretcher, medical equipment and of course medical personnel will be placed there. This would be the ideal situation for a poor unfortunate patient who has broken both legs, for instance. The chances of that patient needing additional medical care other than perhaps pain relief are small, but the circumstances certainly prohibit the patient from riding in the airline’s usual seating to seek better care back at home. Typical equipment for such a medical escort service may include CPR equipment, various monitoring units, and possibly very basic medication.

In the case above escorting the patient safely back home is not all that would happen. Generally the medical escort service would also make sure that they gather the essential medical documentation necessary for the trip. They will also take care of arranging and overcoming the custom hassles for the patient, so that they need not be bothered by that. In addition after landing they will help the family or you to fill out any private insurance paperwork deemed necessary.

Then too, if cost is prohibitive, or if the patient is capable of enduring a commercial flight, just not alone, since they cannot go through customs nor the usual aggravations and stress of a busy airport by themselves, there are medical escorts who will accompany the patient. One of two possible escorts is commonly presented, either a flight paramedic, or perhaps a qualified flight nurse. They may or may not be equipped with medication, monitoring units, and possibly CPR equipment. They too take care of organizing as well as taking over for the patient when going through customs as well as through a crowded airport to make sure they are placed aboard before others to minimize any stress. The very elderly are always comforted by them, and families are always thankful that they exist.

Some examples for this kind of escorted travel through the United States proper may be when an elderly person wishes to visit family in another state, or if the person wishes to undergo a special procedure not available at their own hospital. As long as they are able to travel on a commercial airline, then non emergent medical air escort travel is perfect for that person. Another excellent example might be someone who is physically handicapped and thus cannot travel alone without assistance. Of course it hardly is worth mentioning that any patient who wishes non emergent medical air escort travel absolutely must be in what is medically called a stable medical condition. Even the airlines insist on proof of same before taking on a patient, but the company which you are dealing with should be able to handle that proof as well as getting it to the proper authorities.

In those cases the non-emergent medical air escort will be of tremendous aid going through security screening as well as pre-boarding. The escort will also help the patient to use the on board restroom. Of course they will also monitor the patient’s overall medical condition as well as perhaps provide rudimentary medical treatments such as helping with medications and perhaps supplying oxygen.