Non-Emergency Transportation to the Doctor’s Office

Need a Ride to the Doctor? Med-X Offers Non-Emergency Transportation for You

Driving is the activity that defines adults as independent. To be able to go wherever you want, whenever you want is a powerful feeling, and something that we wait a long time to achieve. When we get our first drivers license at 17, we begin to live our lives the way we want to. We no longer have to depend on our parents to get us anywhere; we can just drive to our destination ourselves. Dating suddenly becomes more appealing because Mom isn’t hanging out in the movie theater next to yours; you can get your first job and work all those late shifts without causing a great inconvenience to your Dad who has to wait up for you, and a whole host of other things that never seemed possible, until suddenly they were. We are free! That is, until something happens that prevents us from being able to drive.

Accidents happen – it’s a fact of life. You trip at the gym and land the wrong way and break your wrist, you roll over while you sleep and twist your knee, you get caught in a bad car accident and the door pins your leg, breaking it, and wham! You’re in the doctor’s office as they stand in front of a light box and explain to you that you’re going to be in a cast for the next six to eight weeks, maybe on crutches or in a sling to further immobilize and protect the injury, and speed up the healing process. Oh, and the leg that you broke, wrist that you landed on, or knee that you twisted? It’s the one you use to press the gas pedal and the brake or if you have a manual transmission, it’s the hand you use to shift into gear. In other words: driving is inadvisable until you are fully healed.

For the most part, you probably don’t worry about getting a ride. Maybe you still live with your parents, and they’re willing to drive you to and from the places you need to get too. Or maybe you have a significant other whom you can rely on. Friends are willing to tote you back and forth if it means you’ll pay for gas or coffee in the morning. And there’s always public transportation, should you get really desperate and find yourself stuck in a jam of some kind. Don’t forget taxicabs that can pick you up should you miss the bus.

But what about that one time, where your parents are out of town, and your significant other is stuck at work, and there’s no one to take you to the doctor so you can you’re your three week check up, cast changed, or taken off? You don’t want to spend the time and money waiting for a cab because that just seems silly, especially since it will mean having to wait even longer to see the doctor because you’ll get there even earlier. Well, that’s where we come in – nonemergency medical transportation.

Med X provides non-emergency transportation services for patients that are ambulatory and just need a ride to the doctor’s office, physical therapist’s office, or some other kind of medical appointment, and back home again. This service works to provide comfort and access to patients who just need a ride. Our drivers are professional, experienced and fully insured. They are patient and willing to help you, should you need assistance. For these kinds of requests, our drivers will usually show up in a sedan or mini van – whatever will provide the most comfort for the patient – and see them to the doctor’s office, and back again. We can also provide wheelchair accessible vans that are state of the art and safe.

Our drivers are not hired out from a car service or taxicab company. We pick and employ our own drivers. We train them to deal with all different kinds of emergency and non-emergency medical problems. They are patient, understanding and punctual. They will get you to your appointment on time. Our non-emergency transportation vehicles are company owned, non-smoking, and our most popular mode of transportation that we offer.

All you have to do to reserve one of our non-emergency transportation vehicles and fill out one of our request forms online. A service professional will be in touch with you as soon as possible to set up and confirm the appointment. Payment will be discussed and insurance information will be exchanged, so please be prepared with all pertinent information.

Please be advised that this service is not for patients who are in need of immediate medical attention. If you need a ride to the hospital for immediate medical assistance, call 911 for an ambulance.