Non-emergency Transportation Services Can Take You to Work

Kayla had a problem. Med X Medical non-emergency transportation services was the solution.

Kayla was a tennis player. She played for fun and for the exercise. She played all through high school and college, and when she got a job that could support her rent and a gym membership, she joined a gym that offered tennis courts and games.

One day, Kayla was playing an intense game of one-on-one with a fellow gym member. They were tied and looking to end the game so that the next couple could have the court. She served, he volleyed back, and as she went to hit the ball back, something gave out in her knee, she went down hard, and the next thing she remembers is waking up in the back of an ambulance on her way to the emergency room for an X-ray and a diagnosis of a broken knee. She had to have surgery to repair the tendon and the likelihood she would ever play tennis again was slim.

Two weeks went by. Her mother drove down from upstate to stay with her the first week to help her get around and get situated. Kayla’s boss was understanding and gave her some time to recover from the surgery. But after two weeks, her mom had to go back home to go back to work and her sick leave was up. She had to go back to work, except she couldn’t drive.

See? Big problem, and there was no easy solution either because she was in a wheelchair from the nature of her knee surgery. Bumming rides from friends and co-workers wouldn’t work because most of their cars wouldn’t be able to accommodate the chair. And even if they could accommodate her new chair, she didn’t want to rely on them for too long, which would happen because she was only in her second week of recovery.

Kayla went online and searched for taxi companies that might be able to drive her to and from work and the doctor’s office. What she found instead was Comp-X Medical Non-emergency transportation services. And the best part about this find? They offered transport services with wheelchair vans.

After a little research on Comp-X’s website, Kayla stumbled across the contact page and found that there was always a representative available via the phone. Kayla called a representative and found out that her insurance company would help pay for the cost of nonemergency transport services. Comp-X would review her finances, the final total of her bill, and work with her insurance provider to make sure that she got a fair deal.

She also learned that the wheelchair vans owned by Comp-X are not rented vans, but vans that are owned by Comp-X. The vans are serviced regularly, fully insured and safe. They are state inspected and approved. Comp-X does not allow drivers to use their own vehicles; all vehicles are Comp-X approved and maintained to the highest standards. Wheelchair accessible vans can accommodate regular wheelchairs, high performance chairs and power chairs. Vans feature raised roofs for a comfortable ride and extra seating, should there be a family member present with you. Each van is specially designed and state approved for the securing of either a company owned or patient’s wheelchair. There are also seat belts for the patient as well.

Kayla was told that there would be one technician and one driver. The driver, she found out, is an employee of Comp-X, not a contracted driver from another company. Comp-X hires, vets, and trains all drivers in defensive driving tactics so that when you ride with Comp-X, you can be assured that you are in good hands. The technician present would be well versed in first aid and other life saving techniques. The driver and technician would be able to help her get in and out of the van without any problems. Each van is outfitted with basic first aid supplies and 2-way communication radios for emergencies.

Comp-X non-emergency medical transportation services provide door-to-door service. They would pick her up at home and drop her off at work or the doctor’s office. All she had to do was provide the times, dates and addresses. Our drivers and technicians are trained to help you with anything you may need. They always try to arrive at your home on time, but things happen, and our drivers take your contact information so that they can alert you if they are going to be late.

Kayla was relieved to find Comp-X non-emergency medical transportation services. She was even more relieved to discover their wheelchair services and that she wouldn’t have to foot the bill on her own. Comp-X Medical gave Kayla piece of mind and the time she needed to recover from her tennis accident. Without Comp-X, Kayla would have had to rely on friends and co-workers who have busy lives of their own; she would have had to take a leave of absence and would have lost money. But Comp-X gave her the ride she needed.