Non-Emergency Transportation Service for Patients Without A Ride

Comp-X Offers Non-Emergency Transportation Service For Patients Who Need a Lift

When Sandy fell and broke her hip this past spring, her daughter was in town on a visit. It was her daughter who called the ambulance to take her to the emergency room and it was her daughter who took her to the first few doctors’ appointments. It was also her daughter who said that maybe Sandy better not drive until her hip was 100% better – and it wasn’t just because the pain medication made her tired and a little spacey, it was also because Sandy’s ability to lift her foot off the gas pedal and put it on the brake in a short amount of time was completely gone when the pain was shooting up and down her side. Sandy’s doctor agreed that driving was out of the question until she fully recovered and that non-emergency transportation services may be an option to consider.

Sandy didn’t fight her daughter or her doctor about the decision to stop driving. If she was being honest, Sandy liked being driven around by others. With so many people on the road, so anxious to get where they were going, driving had become a bit of a chore for her. But then her daughter had to leave to go back to work. And suddenly Sandy didn’t have a way to get around, let alone the doctor’s office. She was stranded.

But her daughter had thought of that too. She lined up a few friends so that Sandy would have a ride to church on Sundays, and she put in a work order for groceries to be delivered to the house. Her daughter even contacted Comp-X Medical so that Sandy could get a ride to her doctor appointments without having to rely on the kindness of friends and neighbors.

Comp-X is a non-emergency transportation service that is pleased to help out in situations like these. They strive to make sure their clients arrive at their destination safely and on time.

Among many things, Comp-X Medical Transportation Services prides itself on is its drivers and their driving record. When they are contracted to provide transportation to doctors and other medical appointments, their drivers understand the importance of each and every appointment for all their clients. They hire reliable, responsible, and dependable drivers so clients can relax and know their transportation needs are covered.

Comp-X does not rent out drivers or hire them on an as-needed basis. All of the drivers hired by Comp-X work for and are trained by Comp-X to be the best drivers on the road. Comp-X ensures their drivers take all the necessary driving classes and courses to learn the rules of the road, and to guarantee that they know the best defensive driving techniques out there. All Comp-X drivers are fully licensed and carry the appropriate and necessary paperwork whenever they are out in the field.

When you hire Comp-X to drive you, you are in safe hands.

Not only are Comp-X’s drivers trained to drive defensively but they are also taught first aid basics, so that they can act quickly should an emergency arise. All of Comp-X’s vehicles are owned and insured by Comp-X. No Comp-X driver will pick up a client in their personal vehicle. And since all the vehicles are owned by Comp-X, any medical supplies that their clients need will be provided, such as a defibrillator, first aid kit, and radio transmission so that they can contact the nearest hospital and police department about what is transpiring and so that the hospital can be ready and waiting should the need arise.

If for any reason a Comp-X driver is unable to make an appointment due to a critical emergency, Comp-X will inform the client with as much advanced notification as possible so that their clients can make the proper calls to their medical professionals in order to reschedule appointments. Comp-X drivers not only drive their clients to their medical appointments but also back home after the appointment is over. Comp-X coordinates with their clients to determine the approximate length of their medical appointment so that patients feel assured their transportation home is solidified.

Comp-X offers sedans for patients whose injuries allow them to sit up comfortably in the back seat of the car. Comp-X also offers vans for patients who need to lie down because of any pain or discomfort. When clients make appointments with Comp-X, they can specify the type of injury they have and any special needs they require in order to make their trip to and from their appointment as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

Please be advised that Comp-X’s services are non-emergency only. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1.