Non-emergency Ambulance Services Can Help

When Beth’s grandmother, Lila, was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was in high school. Beth and her mother worked out their schedules so that one of them was always home with Lila while she went through the chemo treatments and recovered. Beth had to give up some after school activities, but she didn’t mind because her and Lila developed something of a routine where they would do Beth’s homework together and then watch bad afternoon television before dinner.

Because of Lila’s age, the chemo treatments were hard on her body, but she managed them somehow. When the chemo had minimal success on the cancer, she decided that she would have a mastectomy and kick her breast cancer to the curb.

The surgery was successful but the recovery after was hard. Lila got an infection while she stayed at the hospital. Her doctor’s were optimistic and with their help, she managed to beat the infection with intense antibiotics. She went home after the infection cleared up, and was told that she would regain her health with time and rest.

But Beth was in high school, a place where germs run wild and free amongst students and classes. It didn’t matter that Beth always washed her hands, or covered her mouth and nose when she coughed or sneezed, she was still a carrier of germs. And with all the time she spent looking after Lila after school, she passed those germs on.

Lila caught a cold. It shouldn’t have knocked her flat, but it did. Lila went from bad to worse, and one night, when her fever spiked Beth and her mother had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital for treatment.

When Lila came home after this stay in the hospital, she was weaker than before. She had a difficult time leaving bed and walking long distances on her own. Getting her down the stairs to the first level of the house was hard; getting her out the front door to the car for doctor’s appointments was even harder because the stairs in and out of the house were so steep. Beth and her mother couldn’t lift Lila on their own, and neighbors weren’t always available to help them. Beth’s mother asked her insurance company if there was any way they could hire an aid or someone to come and help them get Lila out of the house to her doctor’s appointments. The insurance company suggested a non-emergency medical transport company.

Med-X offers basic life support non-emergency ambulance services. This non-emergency service offers all the amenities of emergency ambulance services, but you can schedule a Med-X ambulance for a ride to the doctor’s office or hospital, not just the emergency room when the need arises.

Our basic life support stretcher ambulance is designed for effective and safe transport for patients who need extra help and cannot be transported by any other means. Patients who cannot sit up on their own, patients who need to be carried downstairs, and patients who cannot maintain their own balance when in a moving vehicle qualify for our non-emergency ambulances.

Two trained and qualified technicians staff our non-emergency ambulances. These technicians are employees of Comp-X and are trained, licensed and insured by Comp-X. They learn defensive driving techniques and are ready to meet your every medical need. Comp-X does not hire out to other driving services. We hire and keep our own staff. When you ride with Comp-X, you are in very capable hands. Our technicians will be with you from start to finish.

The ambulances are owned and maintained by Comp-X. We outfit them with life saving equipment like basic first aid kits, emergency lights so that the driver can make his/her way through traffic should an emergency arise, and a two-way radio that is patched into Comp-X’s company dispatch, and hospital and police emergency systems. Our ambulances are also outfitted with oxygen, a defibrillator and a stretcher. The vehicles meet the state requirements and are inspected regularly.

When you reserve a non-emergency ambulance, our technicians take your contact information so that if they get stuck in traffic they can alert you to their delay. Our technicians are also trained to take their cues from you; don’t be afraid to let them know of any discomfort.

We are also pleased to tell you that Comp-X now has service technicians available to you, 24/7. We are happy to answer any of your questions and address your comments and concerns. We also provide online registration forms for your convenience. When you submit an online form, we will contact you to confirm the appointment and double check your information.