Non-emergency Air Ambulance Service is a Safe Option

When Patrick and Ellie traveled to the Gulf for their first vacation in several years, the last thing they were planning on was a tragedy to cut their vacation time short. They had both just retired and after some urging from their kids had decided to take that second honeymoon they had been putting off for years and years. They were both healthy, they had the money, and there was nothing tying them down or holding them back. The two of them could just pack a bag and take off. So they did just that. They went to a travel agent, booked a room at a hotel for two weeks, got on a plane and left. They escaped the cold of their upstate home and traveled to the land of the heat and the sun. They planned on fishing, boating, sun bathing, swimming and sight seeing. They wanted to come home at the end of two weeks with enviable tans and feeling fully relaxed.

They were halfway through their vacation when bad luck started turning up at every corner. The first turn was when they went for a sight seeing bike ride. They were biking the back roads and following a bike trail. They had started out early in the morning, packed a picnic and didn’t plan on returning to the hotel until dusk. They were halfway through their day when Ellie took a turn too sharp and went down hard. She scraped up her forearm and her shin and dislocated her shoulder. Ellie couldn’t finish the bike ride; Patrick had to call an ambulance. They went to the hospital to have her shoulder put back and brushed off the incident as best they could with her arm in a sling.

It wasn’t until after a trip to the beach the next day that everything got worse. Ellie was sore from the fall. She wanted to lie in the sun and do nothing all day. Maybe after one day of doing nothing, they could get back to sight seeing. The night after that beach trip, Ellie got a fever. It came on suddenly. She felt achy and like she was coming down with the flu. They both figured that it might have originated from the airplane and the tumble off the bike was just her body’s way of telling her to slow down a little. She took something for the fever and tried to sleep it off. They hoped it was just a cold.

But when the fever only seemed to get higher, and neared the danger zone, Patrick took her back to the hospital. Ellie was admitted and treated for the fever and, it turned out, an infection. The scrapes on her arm and leg had not scabbed over when she took that dip in the ocean and something got into her system. It didn’t matter that she had covered the scrapes with bandages; water got underneath and caused the infection. The doctors were fairly confident that she would make a full recovery with rest, antibiotics, and time.

Patrick wasn’t quite sure what to do; they had the room for another four days, and then they were supposed to head home. Getting another room and rescheduling the plane tickets wasn’t hard, but when he talked it over with Ellie, she told him she wanted to go home. She wanted to be around her own things, in her own bed and talk to doctors who knew her. Patrick couldn’t really blame her, but he didn’t know how to get her home.

He talked to Ellie’s nurses and doctors, and all told him that she wasn’t strong enough to get on a commercial flight. The germs on the plane might make her sicker and do more harm than good. Driving was also out of the question; it would cost too much to rent a car and what if she got worse while they were on the road? Patrick didn’t know how to help her, and the hospital bills were already starting to add up. One of the doctors pointed Patrick in the direction of nonemergency medical air transportation.

Non-emergency air ambulance service is a safe option if a patient has to travel more than 250 miles. Comp-X Medical provides multiple types of pricing levels and aircraft for non-emergency air ambulance services. We provide national and international flights. We try to avoid using helicopters because they aren’t really a viable option for most patients. Our planes come with a trained staff that is ready to meet the patient’s needs. The medical personnel are trained so that they can handle any medical situation that may arise during the flight and so that they can administer medication and other life saving services. Our planes are equipped and outfitted with life saving technology and equipment, like defibrillators and first aid kits.

Our planes are inspected and meet the FAA regulations and are licensed and certified to fly. Our pilots are the best of the best and are also trained, licensed and insured to meet FAA regulations. When you fly with Comp-X non-emergency air ambulances services, you can be assured that you are in good hands.

Patrick and Ellie arrived home safely and soundly. They were delivered to a local hospital where Ellie made a full recovery. Comp-X Medical worked with Patrick and Ellie and their insurance company to ensure that they paid the best price. Comp-X works with your insurance company to make sure that you can pay for the services we provide.

We are also pleased to tell you that Comp-X now has service technicians available to you, 24/7. We are happy to answer any of your questions and address your comments and concerns. We also provide online registration forms for your convenience. When you submit an online form, we will contact you to confirm the appointment and double check your information.