Medical Transportation Services for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients and families of cancer patients often face hardships that nobody should have to go through in their lifetime. When it is a child with cancer the toll can be even greater. Most insurance companies only cover a fraction of what it costs to treat the disease, so families have to do what they can to make up the difference. This usually means parents having to take extra jobs, and doing without the ‘extras’ that only cost them more money, like cable and cars. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments can be astronomically expensive, particularly when they are taken over a long period of time. Fortunately for these families medical transportation services are here to help.

When a family has to sell one or both of their vehicles to help make up the difference that is owed not only does it make it more difficult to get to work, but to get to treatment appointments as well. Friends and family members can usually account for some of these trips, but it can be hard to get all of them covered. This is one of many reasons medical transportation services exist. Not only can they pick you up directly from your home and drive you to the treatment center, but they will take you back too. This can be much easier on the parents, who can now comfort their child when they aren’t feeling well, rather than having to concentrate on driving.

Medical Transportation Services Provide Comfort

When you are constantly driving back and forth once or twice a week for chemotherapy, it can really take a toll on you. Not just on your wallet, from the gas it costs, or on your vehicle itself, but it can be physically draining also. Most of the medical transportation services vehicles that are used are nice sized passenger vans, or even mini buses. They have plush bench seating, which is perfect to stretch out across when you aren’t feeling well or have a long trip. The medical staff on hand can help to monitor the patient also, giving you as a parent a break.

If you have special requests or want to make sure that your particular condition is covered as it needs to be then just call up the office. All of your questions can generally be answered on the spot, and if not they will find someone who can answer. Scheduling is usually not an issue, particularly if you have standing appointments to make. You may come to find others that are going for the same or similar treatments as you. This can help provide a modicum of comfort to both of you, knowing someone else is in your shoes. Many times you will get the same driver and staff member as well. These little touches can make all the difference when you aren’t feeling well enough to do anything, and lets you know that you are in good hands and can focus on your healing process rather than minor details like transportation.