Medical Motor Coaches – Not For The Rich And Famous

Have you dreamed about traveling around the country in a motor coach? While this is the way that many stars travel today, you don’t have to be famous to take advantage of this great service. Medical motor coaches are a great way to travel if you have medical needs as well, with a variety of services offering travel packages that let you get where you need to go in total comfort. While many people prefer to fly, motor coaches offer a great way of getting from point A to point B without the hassles and discomfort of flying.

Saul was just that type of person, never comfortable with travel, especially with flying. When it came time for him to move down to a long-term care facility in Florida, he was excited. At first, it was because he would be able to taste a Florida orange for the first time in years, but later it had to do with the fact that he was going to get the care that he had needed for the past few years. Not only was he going to get incredible care, but he would also take some of the burden off of his family members who had stepped up and supported him throughout the years. The only thing that was posing a problem was how to get down to his new home in the first place.

After spending months picking out the right place for him, Saul had found the perfect long-term care facility. It was close to hospitals but more importantly offered a gold-standard of care. To get there, he had a few options. The first was to fly, but Saul had never really felt comfortable flying, and with his current medical problems it would have made flying a very difficult endeavor. Instead, he chose to use medical motor coaches, which were something recommended to him by a friend who had needed to travel a long distance as well.

Saul loved the fact that he had someone to help him, but also that these medical motor coaches had all the amenities of home. He could watch TV, sleep in an actual bed, and even play cards. They had even included a spare driver, obsessively to drive when the other got tired but he felt that they were also there to play Rummy with him as well. Due to his medical conditions, he was also paired with another attendant who could work with him to dispense medications and do daily exercises.

All in all, the trip down to Florida seemed to fly by. The staff was excellent, keeping Saul occupied for most of the trip, and they were able to get him to his destination with no mishaps to speak of. Once he was there, Saul was finally able to get the care he needed at a five-star facility, and most importantly he was greeted with an entire basket-full of Florida orange to choose from. Without his medical motor coaches, he wouldn’t have been able to make the trip and experience this level of incredible care.