Nonemergency Transportation to Keep Your Life on Track

Nonemergency Transportation For When You Can’t Get Around By Yourself

There are only a few guarantees in life, and one of them is that as we get older we tend to need a little more help getting around from place to place. Life throws us curve balls: a slip down some icy steps, a tap on the back bumper of our car, a misstep out of the shower. All are occurrences where the result is 6-8 weeks in a cast and then some physical therapy to help everything fall back into place. Sometimes we luck out, and a spouse or child is around to help out when the going gets really tough. But sometimes, luck just isn’t on our side and that where we come in. When accidents and injuries occur, Med-X NonEmergency Transportation is there to help you out when it seems like no one else can.

We offer nonemergency transportation to folks who just need a lift to the doctor’s office for a check up or to a physical therapists office to make sure that everything is working just right. We are all about making sure that you get from point A to point B and back again in one piece.

For example: When Richard was out walking his dog one night, he slipped just as he was turning into his driveway. It had snowed. The sun had come out during the day and melted some of it away, but the temperature dropped when the sun set, and everything slicked over into ice. Sure, he had put down some ice melt earlier that evening, but it didn’t get everything.

Richard happened to have his cell phone on him and was able to call for help. He broke his hip and had to stay off his feet for a few weeks.

His wife took care of him during the day, but she refused to drive him to doctor’s appointments that were scheduled late in the afternoon. The roads would get slippery and her eyesight wasn’t as good as it used to be. Besides, the last thing any of them needed was for her to fall as well, helping him get into the house.

They had kids, but their son lived on the opposite coast and their daughter had just had another baby. They didn’t want to bother her. So they asked their doctor for suggestions and he told them about Med-X nonemergency transportation services.

Richard called the next day and learned that he could hire one of our drivers and one of our cars to take him to the doctor’s office. He learned that Med-X drivers are all on Med-X’s pay roll – that none of them are rented out from other transportation services. Richard learned that our driver’s are fully insured, licensed, and taught defensive driving techniques, so that they would be able to handle the slippery roads. He also learned that with the defensive driving techniques, Med-X drivers also receive some emergency medical training so that if something were to go wrong, they would be able to contain the situation until the EMTs and professionals arrived on the scene.

When Richard called Med-X, he was informed that the car or van he would be picked up in was owned and maintained by Med-X. We don’t take out vehicles as we need them, and we don’t ask our employees to use their own vehicles. We buy the cars and vans we use, outfit them with the latest in emergency and nonemergency first aid, and make sure that they meet the state’s standards in regulation. Richard also learned that if he would be uncomfortable in a sedan, he could request a van that would allow him to stretch out.

Med-X vehicles not only have first aid available in them, but also a flashing light, should a nonemergency situation become an emergency. Med-X vehicles are also equipped with radio transmission equipment so that our drivers can alert the police and hospitals of a possible emergency situation.

When Richard and his wife needed help, Med-X was there for them. Their driver was courteous, patient, and followed their lead as to what they needed the most. Med-X trains its employees to not rush you. We are there to help you, not to treat you. If our driver is late or experiencing any difficulties, they will contact you to let you know, so that you can alert your doctor to any possible delay.

When you call Med-X to make an appointment, our phone technicians will help you in any way that they can. They will do their best to answer any and all of your questions. Please be advised that when you call, our technicians will ask you for your insurance information and medical history, so please have those available when you call. You can also make an appointment online by filling out one of our forms. A technician will call you once your request has been processed to confirm.