Med-X Offers Non-emergency Transportation Escorts

Med-X Offers non-emergency transportation escort services for patients. Max was a junior in college when he went to Mexico with his friends for spring break. He had made a deal with his parents: save the money for a round trip plane ticket and at least one night in the hotel, and they would cover the rest. Max worked all summer and the semester leading up to spring break. He saved and passed on the occasional night out with the guys to go. He saved enough (and then some) and booked his seat to Mexico. All was going really well; until they decided to go jet skiing and Max took a tumble.

Max broke his leg from the flip in the water. The end of his ski hit the back of his head and gave his a nasty cut and concussion. He dislocated his shoulder from the sudden jerk in tension on the tether. He blacked out from the pain. If it weren’t for the life jacket Max had put on just before he got in the water, this story would have a very different ending.

The doctors in Mexico stitched and patched Max back together. He spent a day and a half in the hospital under observation. The bruising, the muscle tenderness, and the pin in his leg, to hold the bones together made for a long a tedious recovery. When he was discharged, it was determined that Max’s spring break was over; it was time for him to head on home. He needed to check in with his doctors and the school.

He called his parents. The drive down would take too long. Both his parents had to work; taking time off would be difficult on such short notice. And Max would be too uncomfortable in second class. The cast on his leg made it impossible for him to bend his knee and an aisle seat could not be guaranteed.

Max’s father called their doctor and insurance company and was directed to Med X.

Med-X now offers non-emergency transportation escorts. Max’s injuries meant that commercial flight would be cumbersome and uncomfortable for him and the other passengers around him. He was taking pretty strong painkillers and they made him feel foggy and confused. Max was going to need supervision and room to spread out in for the flight home.

Med-X escorts give patients that extra hand that they need when they fly. Patients who qualify for Med-X escorts have non-life threatening illnesses or injuries and are semi-ambulatory. Med-X books first class seats on the patient’s behalf on a commercial flight. The escort flies to meet the patient and help get their things together. The escort is there to help the patient get to the airport, check baggage, and get on board. During the flight, the escort can monitor the patient and help them, if need be. Because Max was taking pain medication, a nurse was also present to help monitor him.

When the plane lands, Med X handles any and all ground transportation. The escort and patient will meet a driver at baggage claim and be driven to the patients’ home. The escort helped Max and his parents get him settled in and then left.

If not for the Med X escort, nurse, and driver, Max would have had to wait for his return flight to get home. He would have had to rely on his friends to take care of him and make sure that his luggage made it onto the flight. Max would have been cramped and uncomfortable in second class and might have sustained more damage. Med X made sure that Max got home safe and sound.

When you call Med X to make an appointment, our phone technicians (who are available 24/7) will help you in any way that they can. They will do their best to answer any and all of your questions. Please be advised that when you call, our technicians will ask you for your insurance information and medical history, so please have those available when you call. You can also make an appointment online by filling out one of our forms. A technician will call you once your request has been processed to confirm.