Med-X Brings Air Ambulance Services to Mexico

Med-X air ambulance services caters to U.S. citizens that are injured or seeking medical care while in Mexico. Many tourists have suddenly found themselves in a position where a family member or friend is seriously ill or injured in an area where adequate medical treatment is not available. In many cases they are neither able to cope nor able to obtain the necessary medical attention needed.

With one of our offices based in Mexico, Med-X is capable of providing immediate air ambulance service for any transport. Our experienced flight coordinators are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will fully assist through the process of setting up a transport. Med-X will coordinate the ground ambulance transportation from the hospital in Mexico to the airport where a medically equipped aircraft will be ready and waiting to load the patient. Upon landing in the United States, another ground ambulance will be awaiting the arrival of the aircraft and a medical team will escort the patient to their bedside at the receiving hospital. In most circumstances patients may be accompanied by family members at no extra cost.

Med-X’s mission is to save lives. If you or a loved one is sick, count on us to get them home safe and sound.

Contact Info

Office Location:

Insurgentes Sur 2453
Tizapan, Alvaro Obaregon
Mexico D.F. CP 01090
Toll Free Mexico # 01-800-681-6935

Glorisa Harvilla
International Account Executive

Diana Morales
International Vice President
W. 52 (55) 1068-3956
P. 52 (55) 1921-3956