Job Description And Qualifications of a Non-Emergency Transportation Driver

Companies offering non-emergency transportation services require a driver to take people to their destinations. The major role of the driver is to ensure his passengers reach their destinations safely. Private companies offering this service have planned schedules with their clients, who have specific appointments and the driver is supposed to be punctual to pick them up. He is also supposed to ensure the patients are safely strapped in their seatbelts and have an enjoyable comfortable ride.

A non-emergency transportation driver is required to know how to operate the wheelchair lift. The lift is designed to work on a hydraulic system to safely put a patient in the vehicle. It also has seat belts to secure the patient during the process of raising them. They are also expected to help patients to come down by use of the same lift when they reach the destination. If the patient needs to be assisted to get in their house, or other destination, they are supposed to do so. Some patients who are unable to move on their own need help getting into their final destination, whether it is the doctor’s office, or their home

Non-emergency transportation companies provide phones for their staff and especially the driver. This way they can report the time he is picks up patients and when he drops them at their destination. Every driver has a schedule for the next day. Before they leave work, they are supposed to ensure that they understand all the places they are instructed to pick up and drop clients. In a situation where the driver does not make it in time to pick up a client, they are supposed to notify the client of their late arrival time and maintain contact with headquarters, so that other schedules can be accommodated for.

The role of the driver in a non-emergency transportation company can be hectic and that is why an individual of high integrity is preferred. Besides for their qualifications they are expected to have good qualities that will make them enjoy their work rather than endure it. Patience is important to keep them going despite the challenges of tight schedules and dealing with clients. Especially those clients they may have to assist, that they need to be very patient with. A person who is respectful and humble goes a long way in this industry.

The other requirements for a non-emergency transportation driver is to have all their valid documents, which include a license, certificate for First Aid and another one showing they are qualified to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The two certificates are essential incase a patient needs any type of first aid. The company expects them to know how to read and interpret maps because non-emergency transportation companies can’t always rely on GPS. They are supposed to have a clean driving record. Violations like driving under influence or reckless driving are punishable by law and his driving license will be taken.