Injured Worker Transportation Services – A Simple Phone Call Saved Me

I run a very large landscaping firm, one that I have spent many years building up to the success that you see today. While not much about the quality of my service has changed over the years, I have spent much of my time finding quality landscapers that can provide the best possible service to my client. After spending years building up my team, they have become part of my extended family, and when one of my workers is injured, I want to make sure that I do everything possible to ensure that their recovery is fast and easy. So I call an Injured Worker Transportation Services.

It all started on a major project that we had just won. It was a huge house with an even larger yard, and as one of my workers was busy pruning some of the shrubs, he managed to slice his arm open badly. Fortunately, the wound wasn’t too bad, and he wasn’t in need of an ambulance, but when I heard about the injury I wanted to make sure that he was taken care of. I called for injured worker transportation services from a company that I trusted, and they came immediately to take him to the hospital.

The great part about the Injured Worker Transportation Service was that he was able to take the same car back to his home after he was seen at the hospital, and we even arranged for similar transportation when he had to go back and get some physical therapy to deal with nagging problems as a result of the injury.

Even though I would have done that for any of my workers, he really appreciated the extra effort that I went through to make sure that he had someone by his side at all times to take care of the injury and help him through a rough patch in his life.

I heard later on after this worker moved on to a new opportunity that when this injury occurred, he got very frustrated and was talking about filing a lawsuit to get the money that he thought he needed for his care. Fortunately, after seeing the efforts that we went through on his behalf, this lawsuit was the last thing on his mind. Even though at the time I was acting the same way that I would for any of my workers, the level of service that he experienced from the injured worker transportation services that I sent for him quickly changed his mind. For my business, it was a godsend, as a lawsuit would have crippled our company at the time.

We have been fortunate enough to only have a few injuries and incidents since, and a couple of them required that same type of transportation. While there are many companies out there that offer services like the one that I got for my employee’s first major on-the-job injury, I would never consider using any other firm after learning how well he was treated both before and after the trip to the hospital.