Educate your Case Manager about Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Comp-X Medical Transportaton Services provides its customers with the most cost-effective and highly customized non-emergency medical transportation services available. It is the only fully URAC accredited Transportation Service in the country. We use all of the information available to us to correctly assess each patient’s needs, conditions and treatments individually, to assure that they are getting the best service. All of this ensures that there are no unnecessary expenses when it comes to transportation.

However, in order to fully benefit from Comp-X’s services, it is crucial for our clients to educate their individual case managers on how to best utilize our programs. In order to help you do this, Comp-X provides on-site education and training for your Case Managers or  Utilization Managers. We will ensure that they are fully versed on the most effective ways to used Comp-X’s emergency and non-emergency medical transportation services, as well as how to maximize your cost-effectiveness.

Your case managers deal with a huge array of situations and difficult scenarios. Giving them the tools to easily and effectively help their clients, while keeping your costs low is a major benefit. Educated managers will be able to choose the appropriate level of transportation, be it sedan, van, bus, plane or other ground or air transportation option.

We also offer off-site training for Discharge Managers or Social Workers and hospital staff to help them learn why selecting or recommending Comp-X Medical Transportation is the best option for not only the insurance companies, but their patients. By keeping your costs low for all non-emergency medical transportation services, the savings translates to their patients.  If interested, we will provided co-branded marketing materials complimentary.