How to Mitigate Employers’ risks Using Comp-X Medical Transportation Services

When you run a business, risk of injury to one of your employees is a distinct possibility no matter the industry or profession of that employee. If that employee is injured on the job it then becomes the responsibility of the employer to ensure that he or she is receiving the proper care.

Avoid Liabilities

Injury to an employee who is on the job may in many cases result in workers’ compensation. In scenarios such as these it is important for an employer to do everything in the company’s power to make sure no more damage is done as a result of neglect.

Comp-X medical transportation services provide an easy way to avoid another accident from occurring to an employee who has been injured on the job. Rather than letting an employee provide his or her own medical transportation, hire Comp-X to provide the medical transportation. In doing so, you will have severely limited the potential for further liabilities to ensue.

An employee who has a genuine workers’ comp claim should not be allowed to provide his or her own medical transportation. If the employee attempts to drive to and from a hospital for treatment of an injury that occurred on the job, for instance, and is involved in an accident leading to further injury, the blame could once again be placed on the employer.

Even if an injured employee with a workers’ comp claim isn’t actually driving when an accident leading to further injury occurs, the blame could still be placed on the employer. Rather than allowing your employee to rely on friends and family for transportation to and from hospitals, hire Comp-X to mitigate your risks.

What Do Comp-X Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services Include?

We will help employers decide which of our non-emergency medical transportation options is right for your employee depending on the particular situation.

It is important to note that all of the following medical transportation options and services do not include emergency medical transportation. We only provide non-emergency medical transportation services at Comp-X. For specific information regarding the following services, please click here.

Basic Life Support Stretcher Ambulances

Advanced Life Support Ambulances

Injured Worker Transportation Services

Medical Car Service

Wheelchair Van

Long Distance Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

If one of your employees is doing business away from home or outside of the country, it is paramount that they are provided with the most efficient and safest medical transportation services available. At Comp-X we provide you with those services so that your employee can travel safely despite his or her injury and you can avoid all possible risks.

Traveling long distance with an injury can in many ways pose an even greater risk than medical transportation to and from nearby hospitals. This is why Comp-X offers an array of long-distance options for non-emergency medical transportation.

Listed below are some long-distance non-emergency medical transportation options and services provided by Comp-X. For a more detailed description of each of these options, please click here.

Air Ambulance Services

Dedicated Air Ambulance

Medical Air Escort

Motor Coaches


If you are interested in hiring Comp-X for one of your employees or have any further information about our services, please call us at 1-888-777-9022.