How Non Emergent Medical Air Escort Ensures Safety

The very first thing that happens when you contact a non emergent medical air escort is that they will ascertain beyond all doubt that the person is absolutely in truly stable medical condition. That means that their current physician is contacted and that certification of stable medical condition is then sent to the non emergent medical air escort. From there it is also passed onward to the airline in question that the passenger and escort will fly with. This is a very common practice as far as airlines are considered, as they do not wish the responsibility of carrying a person who is not medically certified to be flying. The service will also take care of any other documentation that the airline may request prior to agreeing for them to board.

Some, but not all, non emergent medical air escorts will arrange to have the patient picked up from their hospital, or nursing home if necessary, and may even decide to send a non emergent ambulance to provide the on road transport. Other escorts will arrange to meet the patient at their present location to personally escort them to the airport.

Once the non emergent medical air escort and the patient arrive at the airport, the escort usually takes over ensuring that the patient will safely pre-board the plane, but not until the escort has helped the patient through what is often times very unnerving, the “oft-dreaded” security clearance. If the patient has been placed in a wheelchair, the escort may ask for a personal attendant from the airline to handle taking the person through security, but others may handle it themselves.

Should the patient experience a need to use the restroom, the escort will attend to any personal needs that the patient may have in doing so. So far, you can see where the total safety of your loved one is totally assured via the use of a non emergent medical air escort.

Seating is always in first class, thus making sure that the patient is given plenty of room to rest during the flight, and the escort will be equipped to take care of many incidental needs such as giving the patient the correct medication at the correct time, helping them adjust their seat for comfort, and anything else your loved one may need. Again, if need be, the escort will accompany the patient to the restroom and help in any way necessary.

Safety in the air is assured because the medical air escort will be either a fully trained EMT or a practical nurse, and said person will be equipped with various medicines, assorted monitoring units, and conceivably CPR equipment in case it is needed. Your loved one will be safely buckled in for all takeoffs as well as landings, all accomplished by the escort.

After landing, the escort will arrange for disembarkation to proceed smoothly after everyone else leaves the airplane, and will arrange for any luggage to be reclaimed properly. Following this, the escort will either turn the loved one over to you, or will accompany you and the patient to the hospital or other locale as notified previously. All in all, you can see that the primary objective of such an escort is to ensure complete safety to your loved one.