How Medical Translation Services Helped My Parents

I was young when my family immigrated to America. I grew up speaking Indonesian at home and English at school and with my friends. Since I was so young, it was very easy for me to become fluent quickly, but much harder for my parents to learn English. When I left for college, my Mom and Dad were left alone and I started to get worried. They were getting older and I knew that in the case of a medical emergency, they would struggle with medical terminology and diagnoses.

I found out about the company, Comp-X Medical Management Services, that provided medical-related attention, transportation and translation services! They had Indonesian linguists who would be available to help my parents when they went to their regular medical check-ups, doctors’ appointments, and for all of their medical needs. Having help with medical translation was key to getting the right kind of care for my parents.

What made me even happier is that they were medically trained, able to assist in translating medical records so doctors could easily read and understand their medical history in real time.

I was thrilled. I was able to stay in school, finish my degree, and also know that my parents were taken care of by others. They were able to get the medical attention they needed, when they needed it, and every single sentence the doctors said. You may not think a language barrier can be a real problem, but a translation mistake in a hospital can mean the difference between life and death.

I would highly recommend that anyone in my parents’ position contact Comp-X Medical Management Services for medical translation services in order to ensure their safety.