Convenient Wheelchair Vans for Non-Emergency Transportation Service

Wheelchair Vans when You Need Non-Emergency Transportation the Most

Life is busy. Everyone has schedules to follow with plenty of places to go and people to see. Families have work and school and daily obligations are something that bring everyone’s nose to the grindstone.

Doctor and physical therapy appointments are an important part of life if you have an injury or an ailment that you need assistance.

Sometimes, it is hard to make it to these appointments because your spouses’ meeting runs longer than expected or your car has been giving you trouble and needs to be taken down to the auto body shop.

You cannot ask a friend or a neighbor for a ride to your appointment because you need your family van that is wheelchair accessible.

This is where Comp-X comes in. We offer non-emergency transportation services such as wheelchair vans for you or your loved one to take to doctor and physical therapy appointments.

Our wheelchair vans are roomy and comfortable, so you will not have a cramped ride to your appointment. Comp-X also hires experienced drivers trained to help you with any health problems or concerns you may have during your transport.

Each non-emergency transportation van features specially designed and state approved systems for the securing of either a company owned wheelchair or patient’s wheelchair.

All vehicles are equipped with seat belts so you will feel safe riding with us. Most non-emergency transportation vehicles can accommodate regular wheelchairs, high performance chairs and power chairs.

Our vans feature raised roofs, one technician, 2-way communications, basic first aid supplies and extra seating for home health aides or family members.

Our drivers are always well groomed and properly uniformed. You will never have to feel uncomfortable about a stranger coming to your home and not knowing for sure if they are a Comp-X employee.

This Comp-X service is door to door, so your safety is our number one priority. We pick you up from your home and bring you to appointments safety and in a timely manner.

After your appointment, we make sure your ride back home is just as safe as your first transport.

Comp-X offers a variety of non-emergency transportation services that are easy to schedule, just by making an appointment with our trained and friendly representatives.

Comp-X works with insurance companies to make sure that we offer the best price to you for all of our friendly services we provide. Give us a call today and see what we can do to help you!