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Importance of Translation Services

International businesses have faced the challenge of communication in the past due to the different people they have to work with who speak different languages. This is no longer an issue due to the availability of translation services to ensure effective... Read More

Employee Emergency Transport Services

The Question: How does your company get the employee to the off-site facility? A.    The employee drives him/herself B.    The employee is taken in the company van C.    The nurse calls a taxi D.    The local 911 service is called E.   ... Read More

Comp-X Transport and translation services

With a sense of responsibility and emphasis on high quality services, Comp-X continues to be the company of choice for those seeking transport and translation services. Having cut a professional image in non-emergency transportation, Comp-X has scaled... Read More

All You Need To Know About Translation Services

Though perceived by many as a relatively easy word, translation is a term that is easily misinterpreted. The word however basically entails the rendering of information to the recipient of a message in a language that he or she understands. In other words,... Read More