Medical Transportation Services Resources

Why Use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

When dealing with a health problem, many people are not aware that non-emergency medical transportation is an even an option. Naturally, many people’s first reaction is to immediately call 911 for an ambulance when faced with a health issue. Emergency... Read More

Why Does Med-X Medical Offer Translation Services?

Why do you need Translation services? Because, no matter what medical condition you may have, from simple injuries to complex ailments, there is always a lot of paperwork to go with it. This can include: Progress reports Medical history Consultation... Read More

Benefits of Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulance services can be expensive and naturally not all families would prefer to fly their loved ones to the required destination. With that being said, people need to keep in mind the benefits of air ambulance services because they are a fast,... Read More

What To Expect From A Medical Air Escort

A medical air escort is a professional who assists a patient in his or her journey from one destination to another. The journey is typically aboard a flight. A medical air escort usually specializes in assisting patients who are not suffering from a fatal... Read More

How To Choose The Best Air Ambulance Services?

Air ambulance services often become the only pragmatic option for medical transportation. Air ambulance services do cost a hefty sum of money and naturally you should want the very best service that can be delivered. There may not be plenty of air ambulance... Read More