Basic Life Support Services in Non-Emergency Ambulances

Non-Emergency Ambulances that Offer Patients Basic Life Support

When a loved one has an illness or cancer, sometimes transporting them to the doctor or a hospital can be a challenge.

They have a hard time walking down the stairs and sometimes they need a lot of assistance even getting out of their bed. You want to help your loved ones as much as possible, but you can only do so much without risking injuring them or yourself.

Even if you are able to get them to the car, they may not feel comfortable sitting upright at a 90-degree angle for a period of time or are unable to maintain their balance inside the vehicle.

It is not an emergency, but you need to figure out a way that you can transport your loved one safely. Also, having peace of mind that during the trip, they are stable and there are no problems or concerns with their health.

This is where Comp-X comes in. We have non-emergency ambulance services that offer basic life support to help transport them to the doctor or hospital safely and efficiently.

All ambulances from our non-emergency ambulance services are equipped with emergency lights, 2-way communications with the company’s central dispatch, hospital and police emergency systems, oxygen, basic lifesaving equipment, a stretcher and two technicians.

All ambulances are licensed and inspected according to state requirements (according to vehicle’s home state requirements), and they are reliable and dependable.

Our drivers and technicians are trained professionals that we have personally hired. We know exactly whom we employ and we know they have the excellent skills that will make your transport a safe one.

Comp-X strives to make sure you are in the best possible care when you or a loved one ride in one of our non-emergency ambulances.

Making an appointment with Comp-X is easy and one of our trained and friendly representatives is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Comp-X also works with insurance companies to make sure you get the best price for our services we provide for you.

We offer non-emergency ambulance services on the ground and in the air, along with a list of other great services for you to utilize. Call us today to see how we can help you with your transporting needs!