Air Ambulance Service When You Need It Most

If You Get Injured on Vacation, an Air Ambulance Service is There

Consider the following scenario: you are on vacation – out of state (or maybe out of the country), for argument’s sake. You are on vacation and something happens. Maybe you get the flu while on the airplane. Or maybe you’re out at the amusement park with your kids and you trip, fall and break your leg. Or maybe, while you are driving to your destination, you’re in a car accident. Whatever it is that happens, you are taken to the hospital to be treated. Maybe you need surgical attention or maybe just a strong course of antibiotics.

Sure there are hospitals in this other state/country, but they aren’t your doctors and you have to go home sometime don’t you?

You are stabilized, and doing well, for the moment. The doctors have done their best to patch you up and make you feel better. They have contacted your doctor at home and they have your medical file. They tell you that you can stay until you are fully recovered. But you decide that you want to go home. You want to be near your doctors, your family and your friends. Maybe your family is with you because it was a family vacation, but that only means the bills are starting to add up. You can’t afford to stay in the hotel any longer and the bills from the rental car agency are starting to hurt your wallet.

Commercial flying is always an option, but you’re still weak from the surgery and being ill. You don’t really want to risk contracting whatever germs are most likely present on a commercial flight. Not to mention that with all the new air traffic control regulations, getting to the airport two hours before your flight exhausts you, and you’re only just thinking about it. Also – all those medications…however are you going to explain them to the TSA agents? And you can’t afford to fly first class, so you’ll be pressed up against the seat in front of you and the passenger next to you.

And ok, maybe you drove to your destination. But if you were in a car accident, it’s likely that the car is totaled. And if you’re in a lot of pain, cars can become very small, uncomfortable spaces after awhile. And if you’ve got kids…forget it. That car is going to feel like a box on wheels after 10 minutes. Sedatives will only get you so far.

That’s where Med X comes in. We offer non-emergency medical air ambulance service to patients who must travel up to 250 or more miles to get back home. Sometimes air travel just makes sense when you’re that far away from home. We provide local and international flights. We try to avoid helicopter use because they tend to be impractical, and instead use smaller airplanes for these kinds of emergencies. All our planes are regulated and checked out by the FAA and our crew is licensed and certified. They are also prepared to meet any and all your needs during the flight home.

One of the services that we recently started providing is air ambulance service to those clients and patients who are in Mexico and who want to come home to the States for treatment. Mexico has facilities, sure, but not the same standards as American hospitals. Plus the out of country bills can hurt your wallet.

Our transportation coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can answer any and all questions that you might have. They are also available for your insurance company, should they have any questions for us. We offer payment plans and competitive pricing. We also try to work with your insurance company to ensure that you are receiving the best care you need. Or you can fill out one of our online forms. If you choose that option, a coordinator will be in touch with you to confirm the appointment.

Please be advised that this air ambulance service is not an emergency service. If you need an emergency air flight, you should talk to the hospital you are at for more information.