Air Ambulance Services – Getting Help Quickly

Sometimes you need help quickly. Either you have an immediate injury that needs attending like a bad gash or shattered leg, or you find yourself far away from medical support when an illness becomes more than you can handle. Air Ambulance Services are the fastest way to get you treatment a long distance away.

Solo Hiking Has Never Been So Lonely

Robert spent many weeks alone, hiking alone on long trails throughout the hills behind his home. These hikes were a great way to get away from everything else, helping Robert to clear his head and really see his goals and aspirations clearly. When he had a particularly tough day at the office, he was able to go out on a short hike and many of those problems would disappear.

For this reason, Robert had really looked forward to his weeklong hike. This was the first time in over a decade that he was able to fit a long hike into his schedule, and he couldn’t wait. Everything was set, his bags were packed, and his wife was helping him run through a final checklist. Pretty soon, he would be good to go.

Three days into the hike was a different story. Robert was still enjoying being outdoors, but a new problem had erupted. On a particularly bad stretch of trail, he ended up slipping off the edge and, after falling down the side of the trail for a few dozen yards, landed on a stick that had impaled him through the side of his thigh.

Fortunately it hadn’t cut through any major arteries, but the bleeding was severe enough that it merited attention immediately. Being the cautious hiker, Robert always carried a means of contacting help, and in this case he had a long-range radio with him. Using this radio, he was able to contact one of the air ambulance services on his emergency contact list and get them to send out a team to his location.

As the wound kept bleeding, Robert felt that there was nothing that could be done. Fortunately, he was wrong. While he was in the middle of a relatively wooded stretch of land, where an ambulance or land-based service would take at least a day to reach him, the air ambulance services were a different story. They were able to reach him in just over an hour, stabilizing him and getting him prepped for immediate evacuation to a nearby trauma center that would be able to help him (the local hospital was woefully unequipped for the type of surgery needed).

While Robert doesn’t remember much of what happened, he was able to survive only because of his quick thinking and the speed at which his medical team was able to stabilize him. While the injury wasn’t life threatening just yet, by waiting for a few more hours it would have put him in jeopardy of losing his leg and having a few more problems to deal with.

Robert still goes hiking today, but never without a partner and the contact numbers for every emergency contact he has, including his air ambulance services.