5 Things to Expect Air Ambulance Services

Two things a person should expect when using air ambulance services, is that the medical staff on board, is qualified to take care of any emergencies that may occur during the transport, and that the services will be paid by their insurance company. A patient should have the reassurance that the flight is safe, and that knowledgeable medical personnel will be taking care of him.

Pricing for Air Ambulance Services

How payment will be made should not be on the mind of an ill or injured patient. It is a good idea to handle this detail prior to the flight, either by you, or by a trusted person, who has access to the patient’s health information. The health information needs to be shared with the medical personnel, to make them aware of any health problems the patient might have.

The price for being transported by air, to the hospital, can be very expensive. This is why, it is important to make sure that your air ambulance services claim is submitted to the insurance company for proper reimbursement. Also, follow up with the hospital about getting your claim to the insurance company, especially, if all or some of the services performed are covered by your policy. If this is something you can’t do on your own, have someone take care of this task for you.

Your insurance company should be able to supply you with all the information needed to get your air ambulance services claim processed with minimal problems. To make sure this is done, contact the Case Management department, or Customer Service. Not only can the details of your rendered services be easily accessed by them, they can also review, and answer any specific questions that you, or the person you have assigned to represent you, may have. You need to be reassured that a large insurance bill will not be mailed out to you; that the insurance company does its part paying what is covered by your policy. The balance will be the amount that you will pay out of pocket. To keep in your own records, make sure to ask for an itemized statement, from the company; and review it to ensure it’s been done correctly.

Air Ambulance Services

You really don’t know, whether or not, the air ambulance services are going to be used by you or a family member, but it is a must to inquire if the company flying you to the hospital is one that is in excellent standing within the community; and that it has a good reputation with the hospital, and with the insurance company. Do not settle for less than excellent service. You may not have a choice of the air ambulance service you will be using; but you hope that the company that will provide you with transportation is highly regarded within the area. The company should also be known for their professional treatment of the patients, who have been passengers on their flights, and for the positive performance of their services. The nurses aboard trips, such as these, should always be compassionate, and have a caring manner about them; a sick person deserves good care while on the airplane, and also deserves to have a smooth flight to the hospital, where treatment will be continued.