3 Benefits Of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation can be an essential tool for people who need medical attention, but who do not have a pressing medical need. This method of transportation can ensure that a patient in need will be able to get from their home or one location to another quickly and safely. This differs from other emergency transportation that can quickly transport someone in need of immediate medical attention to a hospital. In comparison, this non-emergency medical transportation can include more basic cars, as well as ambulances, motor coaches, and airplanes when necessary. There are three main benefits to using non-emergency medical transportation:

1. It lets a medical professional monitor the condition of a patient

A medical professional will be able to quickly assess a patient’s condition and deal with any medical assistance that the patient requires quickly and easily with non-emergency transportation. For example, they can use a well-equipped vehicle to travel to a patient’s home, which can be beneficial if the patient is not involved in an emergency situation but still requires some assistance. This type of transportation can be also be used to travel to a nursing home, or to someone who was recently discharged from the hospital.

A doctor may even be able to use this type of transportation if a patient is too unwell to attend surgery but is not in critical condition. Even though ambulances and emergency helicopters are usually reserved for an emergency situation, they are occasionally used for non-emergency transportation as well, which takes them away from their primary duty.

2. They can carry vital medical equipment

Non-medical transportation will often be able to include essential medical equipment that will allow the patient to ride in comfort. This medical equipment may include colostomy bags and fluids, and will help the professional manage the medical condition of the individual until they reach the intended location. This vital equipment will be necessary to prevent complications and being able to monitor a patient is always a good thing. Having non-emergency medical transportation that can be tailored to a particular situation is a great way to ensure that the person who is being transported is able to stay safe.

3. It is cheaper than emergency transportation

Non-emergency transportation can often work out to be cheaper when compared to emergency transportation services. A medical professional will be able to schedule an appointment with a patient, and the driver of the vehicle will not need to travel quickly because the patient’s life is at risk. Also, the cost of an emergency vehicle owes to the amount of emergency equipment and professional that are on-board at all times. If you only have trouble getting to and from your appointments with your physician, there is no need for that many medical professionals, and you end up paying the cost for all of that excess.

Non-emergency medical transportation services can be a great choice when you really need someone to take you to appointments or to the hospital, but when the need is not immediately life threatening. The next time that you need to take a trip with medical supervision, consider non-emergency medical transportation.